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This area has been specially designed for an exclusive spa experience. You can relax your body and mind by choosing from a variety of therapies. The sauna and steam room in the spa area have been carefully designed and prepared to provide the best service to the guests.
All prices exclude VAT. Prices subject to change. All prices displayed in United States Euro (€).
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Our gym is equipped with the most modern equipment and provides the best service to guests who cannot stay away from sports on holiday. In our gym, there are strength and cardio equipment consisting of treadmills, fitness bikes, cardio bikes, weight and body building equipment and plates materials.
On demand at the Hotel
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Sports Centre

In the sports centre, there are 2 tennis courts, 1 basketball court and 1 paddle tennis court, where guests can do sports at the best standards. The sports centre is suitable for day and night use and has been prepared to provide the best service to our guests.
On demand at the Hotel